statement introduction

Hello. I am Daniel Beal.
A creative, passionate & minimalist, business analyst.

statement philosophy

Thoughts Become Things

There is an old saying; watch your thoughts as they become your words, watch your words as they become your actions, watch your actions as they become your habits, watch your habits as they become your character & watch your character as it becomes your destiny. What we think, we become. Hence, positivity is absolutely vital.

The Slight Edge

What about another old say; what is uncomfortable early becomes comfortable later and what is comfortable early becomes uncomfortable later. Imagine a graph; with the horizontal line representing time and the vertical line representing positivity above the horizontal line and negativity below the horizontal line. Now imagine each and every thing you do is a dot plotted on the graph. Now imagine as time progresses; the dots are joined in order to form either an upward curve in the positivity quadrant or a downward curve in the negativity quadrant. Blossoming in the positivity quadrant is not caused by a quantum leap and neither is wilting in the negativity quadrant. Whatever the quadrant it is the effect of compound interest. It is about the simple disciplines made consistently over time or either the simple errors in judgment made over time. Imagine if you read just 10 pages of a good book a day. Will it change you tomorrow? No. It is just 10 pages. Just. Will it change you in a month? A little. A total of 310 pages. Potentially, one good book. Will it change you in a year? Almost certainly. A total of 3,650 pages. All it requires in order to tip the compound interest effect in your favour is to first plant, second cultivate & third harvest and enjoy.

The 80/20 Rule

The Pareto Principle, named after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto in 1906 found that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. What is interesting about Pareto’s finding is that the 80/20 ratio occurs very much all the time. One of my favourite applications is in personal finance; where the 80% is for the here and now and is divided in to 2 component parts - the first component part of 50% is spent on needs and the second component part of 30% is spent on wants - and the remaining 20% is for the future and is saved. Yet, according to The Office for National Statistics; the United Kingdom's saving ratio is a mere 5% indicating a far higher ratio concentration, of, say, 95% of the effects derive from just 5% of the causes. Let's create a little bit of synergy; perhaps, all it requires is - a slight edge - in order to tip the compound interest effect in your favour & perhaps all it stems from is - thoughts - in order to create something extraordinary.

work experience

from 2015 to 2018 business analyst inclusion housing

Inclusion Housing is a social enterprise growing from a turnover of circa £11m in 2015/16 to circa £21m in 2017/18. The opportunity incorporated a mix of performance analytics alongside branding, marketing & digital marketing projects. Please see the below for a summary of attainments. 1. Designed & developed the performance analytics reports portfolio; the balanced scorecard, the operations scorecard, the property scorecard, the voids and lettings report & the arrears report; via Microsoft Excel., 2. The project manager of the re-brand project in collaboration with two creative agencies; icon, wordmark, colour palette, typography, photography & copy., 3. The project manager of the marketing literature project; the business card [printed on GF Smith paper], the letterhead alongside the continuation paper & the compliment slip., 4. The project manager of the website re-launch project divided in to three parts; the corporate website, the intranet website [branded Octavia] & the customer website [with the incorporation of the Zendesk Live Chat SaaS]; with a budget of circa £15k in collaboration with two creative agencies., & 5. Collaborated with the chief executive officer, the finance director, the business director, the operations director & the property director in relation to the performance analytics alongside the branding, marketing & digital marketing projects.

from 2012 to 2015 o/cdt university officers' training corps, british army reserve

The University Officers' Training Corps incorporated a three year training programme in order to attain a second lieutenant officership from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. I passed module alpha and module bravo; attaining a foundation degree in management and leadership from the Chartered Management Institute. I committed to training on Wednesdays on a weekly basis, weekends on a fortnightly basis & a two week training exercise on an annual basis at York Detachment, Leeds University Officers' Training Corps, Yorkshire Officers' Training Regiment, British Army Reserve. Module alpha incorporated basic military skills; from map reading to camouflage, from first aid to weapons training & from radio procedure to fieldcraft. Module bravo incorporated the management and leadership of soldiers, equipment & the battlefield; from planning an attack to giving effective orders and from directing a constructive debrief to ensuring the welfare of all of those under command. A high point incorporated an attainment of air support from the Royal Air Force via 2 chinook helicopters, however, a low point incorporated a four day field training exercise in adverse weather conditions.

from 2012 to 2015 chair york st john university business society

York St John University Business Society was established & affiliated with York St John University Students' Union in 2012/13. I was voted Treasurer in 2012/13, Vice Chair in 2013/14 & Chair in 2014/15. Please see the below for a summary of attainments. 1. Wrote the constitution of the society; the vision statement, the mission statement & the business plan., 2. The project manager of branding, marketing & digital marketing projects - the branding; icon, wordmark, colour palette, typography, photography & copy - the marketing; the leaflet & the freshers' fair stand [fabric banner stand & confectionery goody bags] - the digital marketing; the students' union website page & the social media account portfolio [Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn]., 3. Pitched at a number of freshers' fairs, lectures & a diverse mix of marketing opportunities., 4. Negotiated an exclusive partnership with York Picturehouse Cinema in order to attain access to one complimentary cinema screening per month for up to 20 members., 5. Managed & Led a team of 6; the Vice Chair, the Treasurer, the Social Secretary, the Charity Secretary, the First Year Representative & the Adviser., & 6. Increased membership from circa 5 in 2012/13 to circa 25 in 2014/15.

York St John University Business Society Annual General Meeting - De Grey Court, York St John University, York.

work education

from 2012 to 2015 degree york st john university

Business Information Technology

Year 1|Web Design / Foundations Of Business Information Systems / Organisations, Competition & Environment / Organisational Behaviour / Economics & Finance
Year 2|Computer Programming For The Web / Databases For The Web / International Trade & Globalisation / Financial Management
Year 3|Digital Business Communication / E-Business / Developing E-Commerce Applications / Business Case Study [Ocado] / Strategic Human Resource Management / Strategic Corporate Finance

from 2010 to 2012 a/as level norton college school & sixth form

Information Technology AInformation Technology AFinancial Studies AAccounting C

from 2008 to 2010 gcse norton college school & sixth form

Information Technology A*Information Technology A*Information Technology AInformation Technology A
Media AMedia AScience AGeography B
Additional Science CMathematics CEnglish CEnglish Literature C
Graduation - York Minster, York.


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